Contemplating the Dhammapada (foreward)

The Dhammapada is a anthology on the sayings of the Buddha. Within the Dhammapada, these sayings are categorised in showing how the Buddha responded to different topics in a clear and concise manner. So it does not structure like a scripture which gives the back story like where the Buddha was and who were with him, the Dhammapada simply offers bite-size verses that are easy for reading. Probably like a twitter on the Buddha-dhamma in the modern sense.

Though the Dhammapada lacks the depth in the respective topics at length that were discussed in different scriptures, you can pick up the rationale of the Buddha through understanding of the Dhammapada. And it is by understanding this rationale that the Buddha had, you (the householder) can go beyond the usual taking the threefold precepts, upholding the five precepts and if you are lucky enough, told to study and practice the noble eightfold paths.

I am inspired to write a series of contemplation on the verses found in the Dhammapada. My contemplation comes from the angle of how I understood these rationale and how are they relevant in our approaches in daily lives. I will keep my contemplation direct and concise, much like the bite-sized spirit of what the Dhammapada already is.